About BunniesJR

BunniesJR ensures that kids make their first steps in a responsible but trendy manner. This means that they are ready to face the world and will stand firm for the rest of their life. 

In 2012, we received a signal from the market that there was a need for hip children's shoes for the very youngest customers. In these ever changing times we have breathed new life into the old and trusted Bunnies. A new look and an even clearer philosophy mean that Bunnies are now making a comeback! With the focus on children aged up to 6, the baby brother of Bunnies is born...Welcome BunniesJR!

Now several years later BunniesJR offers an extensive collection of fashionable children’s shoes, because no one is more proud than a mother who has to buy new shoes because the first steps have been taken.

BunniesJR also knows that these tiny steps are not bound to a particular season. For this reason, our collections are specially designed to be accessible for several seasons. Our collection represents the latest trends, is sharply priced and meets the demand in stores. BunniesJR creates innovation on the shop floor several times a year, gives classic lines a new look and offers competitive margins.